Bugzi News

Bugzi 3.1.0 released!

We are happy to announce, that Bugzi - Buzilla client for Android version 3.1.0 is released on the Android Market! This release contains awesome new features, and some important bug fixes as well. The detailed list of the changelog looks like this:

  • Widget

  • Support for Bugzilla 4.2

  • Rearderable Bugdetail pages (Settings)

  • Setting for max quantity of bugs for the bug lists (Settings)

  • Anonymus login

  • Auto suggest on bug detail screen

  • Search update on list screen

  • Displaying the bug title in a separate popup on the detail screen

Bugzi 3.0.0 released!

Bugzi 3.0.0 contains the following updates:

Notice: The update will delete all data from bugzi including accounts, and custom queries
  • more detailed bug list in landscape mode
  • comment can be sent together with any other bug change
  • new page in bugdetails allowing to view worktime data
  • editing of worktime data (pro)
  • more detailed error displaying
  • option to allow or deny not trusted https certificates
  • quicksearch option, to fast access bugs by bug id or summary
  • sorting bugs in custom order (secondary ordering is also possible)
  • test connection option when adding Bugzilla accounts, to easily check if account data is valid, and Bugzi is compatible with the server
  • much more filter options for custom queries (pro)
  • bugdetail UI redesign, now you can access pages with swiping instead of buttons
  • alert when, discarding changes in bugdetails
  • special characters in HTTP authentication password supported correctly
  • closed status is displayed with a check mark in the bug icon
  • performance optimalizations
  • other minor user interface modifications
  • lot of other minor bugfixes

Bugzi 2.0 released!

Bugzi 2.0 contsains the following feature updates:

  • HTTP authentication support added, enter server address in http://username: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it format
  • enabled fast scroll
  • added platform and target milestone to bug detail
  • bug attributes reorganized into a more logical order
  • add commnent button moved from menu to comment list header
  • confirm dialog on account deleting
  • about page with information about support, manual, version etc.
  • "reported by me" built in query return all bugs reported by the user, istead of only the ones with open status
  • performance optimalizations
  • other minor user interface fixes
  • minor bugfixes
  • (Pro feature) new bug creation
  • (Pro feature) multiple account support
  • (Pro feature) support for bug editing
  • (Pro feature) sending in comments
  • (Pro feature) complex custom queries

The Bugzi Pro Key app is also released, which unlocks the Pro features.


Bugzi 1.0 Lite released!

We are proud to announce, that Bugzi - Buzilla client for Android version 1.0 Lite is released on the Android Market! You can download the Lite version free of charge.

Our team is also using this tool internally, so we have couple of more ideas how to make this app even more productive. But we are also interested in your opinion, so we can't wait to hear from you! In case you have any feedback, bugreport, or improvement idea, please use the contact form on the website!