Bugzi Features

Our aim was to provide you all necessary features in the Lite version, with which you are able to list and view the bugs. In case you are a professional, who needs to work frequently with bugs, check out the Pro version, which enables you to have multiple accounts, define  custom quesies, create new bugs and edit bugs from your device!

With Bugzi you can connect seamlessly to an uncustomized Bugzilla server with version 3.4 and above, including the 4.x versions. It uses the built-in communication interface for communication, so there is no need to setup anything on the server side.

My open bugs
The application starts with the list bugs, that need your attention.
Submitted by me
You can review easily the bugs that you have submitted.
By Product
The bugs can be filtered by the product it belongs to.
PRO: Custom query
You can also define your own queries to filter the bugs.
Bug detail
The details of the bugs are displayed on a well organized tabbed view.
PRO: Add comment
You can add your comments to the bug easily.
PRO: Edit Summary
The attributes of the bug can be changed on a separate tab.
View assign and status info
You can view the assigned person and the status of the bug.
PRO: Edit assign and status info
You can change the assigned person and the status of the bug.
View attachments
You can download the bug attachments to your device.
PRO: New bug
You can create new bugs on your device with onyl a few steps.
PRO: Multi account handling
You can handle multiple accounts within the application.